Tasman Valley

I’m temporary living in a small village and when the weather is nice and I have a day off, I would like to explore as much as area is possible, in particular, when my stay here is almost gone. Yesterday considered between Mueller Hut and Tasman Valley. The both places I want to visit, but according to the weather forecast I decided to go to Tasman Valley instead of Mueller Hut, because for climbing up to the Hut is useful when the weather is nice. However, Tasman Valley is quite far from the village, so I went to YHA to rent a bike. They gave me a special discount, a helmet (in New Zealand is required) and a locker and I could ride.

Even though I haven’t sat on bike for ages, it was all right. The trip was very nice, the weather was beautiful. When I was crossing a narrow bridge I heard a car behind me. I stopped, took my bike and moved myself close to the small sidewalk. The driver was a guy from DOC a he was surprise with my reaction. For him wasn’t any problem to drive slowly behind me. Unfortunately I live in a country where the drivers aren’t as much patient as those ones in New Zealand, so I have experienced something new. When I arrived I locked my bike and started walking around. I met Tom and Charlie who was returning from their kayak trip from Tasman Lake. I also met a couple from Australia. They congratulated on my success I rode a bike in this valley. My first point was Blue Lake. It was really beautiful. After that I went up to Tasman Lake point when I could observe whole lake from above. I mentioned that there are more blue lakes than one. I wanted to see all of them so I was walking that way. Some terrain was quite unpleasant, but the result was excellent. I could return back the same way, but I like walking somewhere without preparation, so I kept going towards. I met some new beautiful places, but I hadn’t had an idea where I am. However after 10 minutes I was back in a small camp where my bike was.

I wanted to explore more, so I went close to Tasman Lake. There were a lot of groups from Christchurch. Some guys recommended me to jump into water. It was hot, according to their words. Almost all the time people try to guess where I am from. They think usually either Sweden or Germany. Those guys guessed I am from France. I went close to the lake. I saw some equipment belongs to Hermitage. Because the weather was surprisingly very nice, two guys from the Glacier Explorers started preparing something for the next trip. One of them probably likes singing. I was walking back and he started singing very loudly, so everyone could listen to his performance. Before I left that place I met some other guys from Christchurch and another guy from Ukraine. He lives in New Zealand and we had a really nice conversation. When I was coming back to the village I had to stop at one point and I understood why I met some guys from DOC before. There was an accident, a car fell out of the road and some guys tried to fix that situation with special equipment. The road was close, so I took some photos. After I came back to village, I was really tired. I returned my bike and started to relax. However all day was really amazing. In the afternoon I talked to Zuzka and Tom and in YHA there were some noisy people. However next to me sat down a girl from Switzerland and we had a very nice conversation. However, I was really tired and I went back at my place quite soon.

In the restaurant, there’s still a lot of fun. On the one hand my stay is almost gone; on the other one I do some funny things. About two weeks ago we had quite busy day. I almost finished, I had to broom and mop a floor and get rid of rubbish. I hadn’t mentioned that the door was locked when I left the kitchen with rubbish bins, so I couldn’t get back. I locked myself. The weather was horrible, I tried to knock on some doors around, but the problem was that there was only Charlie in the restaurant and he was in his office upstairs. I hoped he come soon as usual. Almost everything was done. After maybe 40 minutes Charlie saw me how I was waving on him. He was surprised and I would be happy because sometimes he finishes at 12 am he said. The next day was really funny. However I was happy that my patience is really unlimited and if I believe in something, nothing can stop me. :)

Sanna is a very interesting roommate. Time to time she cooked me something. I’m still wondering why, but I think for her it is a good way how to improve her cooking skills, because she often visits her boyfriend and according to her words he is a good cook and she wants to prepare something for him as well. I found some recipes for vegetarian lasagnas and I believe their really enjoyed that food, because Sanna cooks very well. However, she is on a diet now. A couple days ago she wanted to epilate her legs. It was really late, almost midnight. I fell asleep and when I when I woke up because of the toilet, she still kept going. She is a really precise person. :) Together we admired Fiona for her work results and we agreed that she works like two guys.

In the restaurant you can recognize that the peak season is gone. Less people, less worries and in next few days a guy from Jordan arrives and he helps in the kitchen like a cook. His visa is valid for 2 years and I believe it would be nice for all guys in the restaurant. I wish all the best all of them. Last week when I was returning back from the restaurant back at my place, I met Fiona from The Hermitage. She wasn’t drunk and the conversation was interesting. I originally thought she is from New Zealand originally, but her domestic country is Switzerland. Her father was from New Zealand and that was reason for her NZ citizenship. I had to say thank my friends who support me since we met. Without them I couldn’t be where I am (and I don’t mean Mt. Cook village or New Zealand, they know what I mean :) ). They recommended me some books I bought them for a special book reader, read very quickly and I have to say it was very useful and I’m very happy I can distinguish between important and unimportant things. When I was in Wanaka I sent a Greenstone to my friend in the Czech Republic. I’m very happy that everything was delivered without troubles. Thank you for your support and see you in next few weeks with my travelling report.

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  1. Jenny says:

    Sounds like you’re doing great! And your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. radek says:

    Thank you Jenny :) ..

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