Absolute positively Wellington

Since I have arrived in Wellington I have been experiencing a lot of things that sometimes are funny, time to time funnier and the rest one quite extraordinary and I am sure about my decision to return back to Wellington was absolutely all right.

I left the South Island because I agreed with my friend from Germany, Martin that we can travel together. He bought a car he said and proposed we can share some expenses a try to explore some areas on North Island together. I arrived in Wellington on Sunday, but we met day after. I proposed him to meet at Te Papa National Museum, not because it was quite close to my place, but I was sure that place is all right. Martin was there on time and he said he want to introduce me to his mates. I agreed and he walked with me closer to his car. For me it was the first surprise over there. I told him I thought he bought a car not a limo. For me it is not important, but I have to say that the car looked really nice.

When I got into that car, Martin introduced me his friends as he promised. Next to him sat Russell. Not Russell Crow, but still a very nice guy. The last member of our company was Anne-fleur, a very nice girl from Germany who works with Russell in the kitchen and where Martin met them. We wanted to visit cinema. The cinema that Martin had in his mind was quite far so we could observe Wellington from car and it was really nice. I had a very nice conversation with Anne. She was very interested in France and probably she knows everything about that country what was amazing as well as her language knowledge.

The cinema looked very nice, but the movie we wanted to watch was quite late on. We went back to the centre of Wellington and we decided to try to go to a special restaurant. I originally did not count with experience like that, so I visited that place with really ‘non-formal’ clothes. It was quite funny to wear shorts in a luxury restaurant, but as a part of really special experience it was amazing. We ordered some coffee because we had to wait for a free table for dinner. I asked Russell how long has he been in New Zealand. It was quite funny, because he was born in this country and he is a New Zealander. :)

When the time came we use the elevator to get to the restaurant. The whole interior was amazing, everything was organized very well and we got the menu. The first thing was wine. We had a long discussion and everyone could recognize that Anne was pretty confident with the wine. I remembered when I was in Wellington during September – October and we bought some pretty cheap wines around 20 dollars. In that restaurant we choose something else, the price was a little bit higher (maybe fourteen times higher than my first wines in Wellington), but when waiters brought that one and we tasted, the result was amazing. There is a big difference among glasses that you use for drinking and the right glass is really important, Anne said.

Before dinner we got some delicate food and we experienced a lot of fun. They brought some salmon pieces for us. Anne did not like that much and they brought something else for her. She wanted Russell to taste a little bit, but he ate whole portion. We also got some special bread, but we were really excited for our dinner. We still wanted to go to that cinema, so Russell called there and booked some seats for us. The timing was all right. When they served the dinner we started eating our portions. It was really delicious. I took some photos and was very excited for that movie.

The name of that film was Arthur. We arrived on time and took seats. Everything was perfect, but the movie was amazing, much better experience than Scream 4 for instance. We had a really great time with Martin, Anne and Russell and when the movie finished I played the soccer next to the cinema with Anne. There was not necessary to use a ball, for us a bottle lid was enough. We finished that night in a very nice bar and I proposed Martin to meet next day. When I returned back to the kitchen in our hostel I met well-known girls from an Auckland sport team. I originally thought they played tennis, but it was badminton. They were really happy and even though I knew them just a little bit, one of those girls said they beat their opponents.

Another day I met a guy from Canada. We had quite long conversation in our room about many things. He was from Edmonton and he was true traveller with similar point of view like my friend Dan. It was really pleasure to meet him, but I was wandering a little bit in the city and was waiting for meeting with Martin. I needed to go to a post office, because I had still the YHA key with me. Because the public holidays were gone I went to the post office and prepare the envelope and sent everything. I was going to meet Martin, but he proposed to move that appointment to another day. It was all right, however some funny things happened. On my way back I met a homeless guy. He was in a really bad situation. Normally I do not support guys who just want money for nothing, so I did not want to give him money, but my idea was to invite him for some coffee. I kept my word and I am sure he really enjoyed that.

The day seemed pretty cool. However, strong wind and a lot of raining was still all around, but I take that like a part of Wellington experience. However, when I was close to Te Papa I saw a pushchair on the ground in incorrect position (the right side of that buggy was on the ground). The wind was really strong and after a while I started running because I wanted to help them. Fortunately everything was all right and there was nobody in that pushchair. I was happy about that, but really nice moments I experienced in the evening. When I was in the kitchen I met a really cool girl. She was absolutely exceptional and I impressed her with fact I recognized she was from Isle of Man. Not many people know where that place is and I surprised her. :)

Her name was Katie and since we have met each other I was really happy when I could spend time with her because of her abilities like a lot of creativity, intelligence and a very special sense of detail were really cool. She was looking for a job in Wellington. I remembered quite interesting company I found a couple weeks ago. Originally a New Zealand start-up expanded to Australia, the UK and the Czech Republic. I remembered that the position she is looking for was in their UK office and I was wondering that maybe it is possible to send them an e-mail and try to demonstrate them her qualities and I am sure it would works.

We proposed to meet next day and I was quite excited to meet Martin and after him Katie again. When I woke up the weather looked amazing. I had to change my room and waited till they clean a new one. Meanwhile I refreshed my apple crumble knowledge. There were some cooks, originally from Hong Kong, nowadays they live in Auckland. I gave him some part of that crumble and they were really satisfied, they liked it. I put crumble to the fridge and cooked something for the lunch. For the evening I prepared some ingredients for salmon bagel, because time to time I prepared that one in the restaurant in Mount Cook, but in fact, I have not tried yet.

In the afternoon when Martin arrived my plan was to go with him to eat some pizza. In our hostel I saw some girls who were eating quite big portion of pizza and it looked delicious. I recognized the place where they bought that pizza and wanted to go there with Martin. However, we were going to take Anne first and it was a good chance how to see some other parts of Wellington. Anne looked very happy and we were going to try that pizza. We had some troubles with parking, but we used a commercial one for a while. We found that place with the pizza. We were quite excited, but in the result we were disappointed, because we did not like that taste. We returned back to our car. I wanted to take my netbook, so Martin and Anne were waiting for a while and together we went close to a very special place.

Martin asked me if I had some music on my netbook. I had, but probably the different style than they liked. I found a couple track from Bonney M and he asked what else do I have? :) After a while we found that place where we wanted to go. It was quite dark all around, but the result was pretty cool. It was a little bit shame I did not have my camera with me. I wanted to go back by 8 pm, because of meeting with Katie. We were driving around the coastline and it was really nice. We had a quick stop close to the sea and I really enjoyed that. Wellington during the night was gorgeous. Martin dropped me at New World supermarket and I went directly back to YHA Wellington. I found my new roommate over there. She was from the UK and she sat down with Katie. It was another surprise, but I changed the room and I was in the same one with Katie.

I cooked some salmon bagels for me and served some crumble for girls. They liked that and I was really satisfied with my result. We had quite nice conversation, my plan was to show Katie some nice places in Wellington, but the weather in the evening was not that good and I used the backup plan – The Flight of the Concords. Not everyone likes that, but it is quite famous and I was sure Katie would be all right with that. We tried to find a good place, but the people were everywhere. We were walking within the hostel. We found a bike cave on our floor and we were wondering whether it is a real cave or not. We decided to go back to our room. Some other guys from our room joined us for watching two episodes.

Next day Katie was going to try to find another accommodation. Her idea was to check a couple places in Wellington what would be useful for a long stay. We agreed with a meeting in the evening. I arranged another appointment for Friday with my friends Tom and Indigo, who I met during my first significant WWOOFING experience. The guys from Hong Kong were really satisfied with crumble and gave me some sushi for my pleasure. It was really delicious.

When Katie texted me I was walking through the city and was quite close to Cuba Street. Her idea was to go for some coffee. After a while we found a nice place on Cuba Street. The coffee was pretty good and I think the both of us really enjoyed the whole time there. I wanted to cook something for us. She liked nachos pretty much, so we went shopping and we bought some ingredients. The hostel was really busy, but we met our roommate Sylvie from France. She was really nice as well as her friends from Japan and Spain. The guy from Spain described his experience from university. During the night I said Katie good bye. It was pleasure to meet her and maybe one day somewhere I left Katie and the others and I was walking on the quay because during the night Wellington is pretty amazing.

For Friday the most important thing was to meet with Tom and Indigo. We met at New World supermarket parking place. They had no doubt to park over there despite the fact we had no plan to go shopping there. We went to the same café where I was with Katie the day before. However, we had a quick stop on Cuba Street. We found a guy who just used sprays and papers and prepared some absolute amazing pictures. I invited Indigo and Tom for some coffee and we had a really great time. They surprised me with some things and it was really nice to meet them again. We were wondering how many things has been changed since I left Wellington. There is no more Duxton Hotel in Wellington. You can find Amora Hostel instead of. There are also some new things in the city. After I returned back to YHA and wrote a message to Ishbel. I met her in our hostel and she seemed like a really nice person. I wanted to hang out with her and we were walking around the coastline. We returned quite soon, because she was interested in the royal wedding.

Craziness is probably the right word for that wedding. Everyone was really busy with shopping, bought a lot of wine, corn chips, because they wanted to watch that event. The guys on reception brought a special TV because they wanted to experience that event as well. I checked our TV room. There would be maybe 50 degrees because of a lot of people. During the dinner I met a girl from the UK, Louise. She was going to travel to South America and some part of the USA. She also wanted to watch the wedding and I recommended her to go to laundry because when I did the washing I found a TV there and I was sure that there would be nobody. She was really appreciated, but she went to TV room because the weeding was almost on. I do not comment that event, I have tried to avoid TV as much as possible, because I think there are pretty much better things to do than watch things like that.

Yesterday I met with Ishbel again. We had a great walk up to Mount Victoria lookout. She was absolutely impressed and we had a great time there. We could observe some funny things like two exhausted dogs. I chose quite steep track, because there was a lot of beauty, but observe those two poor dogs was really interesting. Ishbel bought me some ice cream and we went to Te Papa museum. That place is really cool and we experienced a lot of things inside. The guys inside try to educate their visitors and there are some quite cool interactive tools inside. When I returned back to my place I started Skype because I had a small chat to my friend from the Czech Republic. I had some new roommates, a guy Philipp from Switzerland and two other guys from Scotland (Gavin) and Argentina (Juan).

They proposed we can visit some bars in Wellington and during my conference they gave me some greeting beer. When I finished the conference we had quite nice excursion in Wellington, focused on bars and restaurants. I showed them some nice places, but almost everything was either closed or there was a private function. During our walking I met some mates from Nomad backpacker. We tried to ask some girls in streets for help, but during the night the street is a really difficult place to start a conversation. Gavin was probably the most successful. I said them in a funny way thank you for a nice walk. :) We bought some things in supermarket and sat down in the hostel for a while. In Wellington there was a rugby match a we expected that after that the people would be everywhere. In hostel we met a couple new guys, Nicolas from Canada, and Corrina, Josie and Eddie from Germany. They joined us and we really enjoyed the whole company.

We were discussion about many things, I liked Gavin’s Scottish accent (quite similar like Brad Pitt in the Snatch movie like Mickey O’Neil). It was quite difficult to understand those guys a couple years ago, but now the conversation is much better, but do not tell them they are from England how Eddie said. The relationship between Scotsmen and Englishmen is pretty much similar like between Australians and New Zealanders. I cooked a quick dinner for me and together with those guys we drank some beer as well as ate some corn chips. Our company was very nice. We had some lessons about eating food with sticks for Chinese food. We experienced quite cool citations. Juan was wondering whether Corrina had a boyfriend in Germany or not. Do you have something in Germany, he asked. :) The second thing was when we were discussing about Canadian French and European one and ‘the real French’ was the sentence that Eddie used when he wanted to distinguish between that differences. The real French was the European version. I remembered the Flight of the Concords again. “You have to pay in American dollars not the New Zealand ones. You want me to pay you in American dollars or real dollars?” The conversation was pretty cool, but the time came. We wanted to go outside. There were much more people than before. We had some stops in some bars. Almost in every big city is a Base backpacker. The hostel does not have a good reputation, but the bar is all rights.

There were some special deals for some kind of drink. We started drinking some alcoholic drinks and talking to each other. However, the bar was quite noisy, so we moved. During our trip we met some new guys; some of them joined us for our drinking experience. Gavin met a girl of his life and left us quite soon. We were quite sad, but we were going to find an Irish bar on Cuba Street where we were before. There were plenty of people and we had chance to dance a lot. We also took some photos and had a great time, so that was probably a reason why we left that place quite late. We were walking back to our hostel. I went directly to bed.

In the morning I talked with Gavin. I thought he was going to go on his trip around the Wellington, but he just wanted to go on toilets to empty his guts he said. I was a little bit tired so I decided to relax all day. I was walking through the city where I sat down on a small bench on a quay next to Te Papa and I really enjoyed. When you are reading this article I am on the way travel the North Island. I do not know what I can expect, but I am quite excited. :) I decided to spend the rest of my time here. I could imagine that thing like that happen but I really like New Zealand. I originally did not expect anything, but since I arrived I have been surprising almost every day. In next few weeks I will be back in the Czech Republic, because I would like to realize my ideas as soon as possible. I am sure it could works and I am going to realize everything. However, that is a different story.

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  1. LAIV says:

    Měls Martinovi říct, žes chtěl Volkswagen. Kdyby nepochopil, tak Wagen für das Volk. ;)

  2. Libby Lincoln says:

    Hi, Radek. I’m the woman from Minnesota you met on the Milford Sound hike. Thanks for giving me your blog site – you’re doing an impressive job of documenting your trip. It makes me envious. We arrived back in the US yesterday and I’m already missing New Zealand. The saving grace is that I leave for China next week so my travels will continue. Have a great time on the rest of your trip!


    • radek says:

      Hi Libby,

      thank you. I was quite busy during last weeks, but I prepared a couple articles and I will publish them soon. How was your Mount Cook experience?


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