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BBQ, Chinese New Year Parade, some snippets of last week

Even I posted my last arcticle just few days ago, there are still lots of things all around me and it is time for a short summary. It was really late when I updated my blog with my previous article. … Continue reading

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Happy hour, meet Matt Curtis, Angry Prawns

The most significant thing I found here is the time comes very quickly. It has been almost one month since I arrived and still this is the most thrilling experience for me. On Monday we had the Presidents day, a … Continue reading

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How I met Jakub Nesetril, Musée Mécanique, living in a dream

Last week was very thrilling and I experienced many amazing situations. From some perspectives it was one of the most important week in my life and maybe there is no surprise I really enjoyed it. With David and Jose (and … Continue reading

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Painted ladies, Twin Peaks, Napa Valley, Sonoma

Sunday was ridiculously spectacular. That is what I can say about last day in a nutshell. My original idea was to a Vertigo trip and visit some remarkable places, but as sometimes happened, my plans were changed. Few days ago … Continue reading

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Super Bowl, a dog in the office, astonishingly cool San Francisco

Last week was very exceptional in many ways. After a deeper expedition of Bay Area and breath taking walks thought quite steep streets I was quite tired. Even Saturday evening city was very alive. There was no surprise that almost … Continue reading

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First days in San Francisco

A few days ago I arrived in San Francisco and accommodated in a beautiful apartment in the center of the city. David, my great flatmate, gave me keys and gave me some initial necessary instructions. The reason why I am … Continue reading

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San Francisco Bay Aray – arrival

It is quite a long time I wrote an article on this blog. Even I had a finished one from New Zealand I haven’t posted it yet. The reason was simple – since I left that beautiful country I haven’t … Continue reading

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