Last day in Tieto

As you maybe know – on Friday the 30th of July 2010 was my final day in company where I worked almost 1.5 year. It’s not enough long time for making a lot of significant things, however I have to tell that I had a very great time there in some attributes of personal development. The most satisfied I was with my collegues who have been usually more skilled and qualify than me, not only with their technical background. In some cases their point of view were really excelent and it was for me the biggest suprise from the first days. Not everything was ideal, however there were actually many of great people.

However life is change and due to fact that I love travelling I decided to get a special kind of visa for the New Zealand called Working Holiday scheme because I believe that is a unique opportunity to learn a lot of practical skills from real life. I hope that I don’t idealize that country – I read a lot of materials from various blogs, talked with some people who were there and saw a lot of photos. I think that theoretically I’m ready, but I’m looking forward to practical experience. Nothing is better than have some troubles and learn from own mistakes. I’m prepare to do almost everything, primary I would like to concentrate for works where I can speak English a lot, because this language I’d like to improve as much as possible.

The last day in Tieto I prepared a farewell party where was something for eat and one of my friend prepared very delicious tea. My collegues from projects prepared some suprise for me and I have to tell many thanks for them because it was really nice. I was lucky with their company and I would like to say many thanks for opportunity what I got in Tieto at all. I’m looking forward to write articles from the New Zealand what will be very soon.

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  1. Pavel Budka says:

    Hi Radek,
    I wish you very best in you next stage of life. Even if we didn’t work together in any project in Tieto and I met you just a few times I recognized your special character, big motivation, orientation on result and friendly attitude. I strongly believe that this is a base which help you a lot to be successfull in whatever you choose to do.

    Good luck in New Zealand

  2. Hi Radek,
    don’t worry, be happy and way comes to you!
    Br. BOB:-)

  3. Mirek Cerny says:

    Thanks for a nice article, I am looking forward to the next ones from real life experience in NZ.
    Good luck and stay in touch :-)

  4. radek says:

    Thank you for nice comments. :) I’m also looking forward to my real experiences – I would like to share everything on this blog – how (I hope) you can see you soon :) … I’m really glad to meet you… Radek

  5. Karel Trcalek says:

    Radku ty jsi z tama odešel a já jsem tam v prosinci přišel :-) jinak ať se daří na Novém Zélandu! :)

  6. radek says:

    Karel: tak hodne stesti :) … na jakem oddeleni ses?

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