Mueller Hut, Mount Olivier, last week in Mount Cook village

When you are reading this article, I am leaving Mt. Cook village and together with Zuzana we are going to Wanaka for a while. Even though the both of us have different plans, we will travel to Wanaka together and there we will see if we also visit some places on South Island together. For me, time I spent in Mount Cook village was really special. I wanted to go here, I was really excited to try to do something different and actually I spent here a really long time, almost 6 months. I met a lot of very interesting people, visited some beautiful places and although I used to work in a kitchen and sometimes the work was nightmare for me (maybe for others as well :) ) I have to say I had a really great time here at all. Charlie, his family and my colleagues were nice people who gave me a chance to try to do various things in our restaurant and I could learn a lot of practical things that weren’t essential for me before. I recognized some of my weaker and stronger abilities and I know what is really important for me. It also looks like I have been growing up – I drink coffee now. About my travelling I will publish some other articles. Because a lot of things happened during my last week in Mount Cook village I would like wrote about that.

A couple days after I visited Tasman Valley I met my friend from Germany Anna here in Mount Cook village. We had a really nice time in Wellington, we often visited Te Papa National Museum and ate a lot of chocolate. It was really nice to see her here and we agreed to go to Chamois bar together after I finish my shift. She introduced me her friend. I tried to guess where he from was. I said a lot of name of countries but I was wrong. He was from the Netherlands. On the other hand he thought I was from Germany and when he tried to guess the right place, he said all states around Germany, except the Czech Republic. Anna showed me her new paintings and it was amazing experience. She is really good at painting and one of these pictures you can see in this article. She agreed with publishing the picture based on the last big earthquake in Christchurch that she also experienced. She tried to call to her parents and wanted to say she is all right. When she was talking to her father, in Christchurch there was an aftershock, she cried “earthquake!” in surprise and the connection was interrupted. It had to be really bad and I am very happy she is all right. She recommended me to visit a chocolate factory In Dunedin. On toilets I met a guy with a pirate hat on his head. He celebrated his birthday and when I saw him next to bar again, he joined to us and we took some photos together. I introduced Anna to my friend Steven from Germany and we had a really great time.

Next day I saw how Zuzka talked to some Czech guys. They drank some beer and all of the looked like nice people. However, my head was full of Mueller Hut. I wanted to climb up there earlier, but in result it was my last point where I had not been yet. I prepared everything, some food, a lot of water and when I woke up I just went there. I met Tom and he wished me all the best. The whole trip was amazing. The most difficult part was to reach Seally Tarns. The rest was quite all right, but the patience was also useful. I saw a lot of extraordinary sceneries. I was quite close to Mueller Hut when I prepared a small picnic. After that the rest of my trip was all right. I met a really nice girl from Poland. She grew up in Germany and we had a really nice conversation. Finally, Mueller Hut was really close. I was really happy. When I was close to that hut I heard some noise. At that moment I thought it was the well-known duck family from the village, but on the other hand I was wondering what they felt like doing under Mueller Hut. I ducked myself and went close to those animals. Ladies and gentleman, no duck was there. Finally I met some kea parrots. They ate some ropes and when I was taking some photos, they were starting to parade close to my camera.

I went to explore the hut. I met two guys from Australia and another one from New Zealand. They looked after that hut like volunteers, very nice people indeed. They recommended me to climb up to Mount Olivier (about 1933 meters above sea level, so maybe another 100 meters from Mueller Hut). At first moment it wasn’t a good idea, but in next 20 minutes I reached the summit of that mountain. It wasn’t difficult, but I had to be really careful. The panorama was gorgeous. When I was walking back I met those Czech guys from restaurant. All of them were from Brno and they were really nice. We were walking back to the village together. We had a really nice discussion together and close to Seally Tarns we met a couple from Prague. I invited them to Chamois Bar and recommended them some nice places to stay. However, when I was walking back and reached the Hermitage Hotel, I was really tired. I wasn’t sure I could reach my place.

But the result was amazing. I took a shower and I heard my cell phone ringing. Fiona called me. At first moment I thought she needed me for some tasks in restaurant. However she just wanted to check whether everything is all right. In the evening I went to Chamois Bar. There was a concert. Jason and his friends played and sang some nice songs. I met Rebecca there and later the Czech Guys arrived as they promised. I introduced them some my NZ friends and we invited each other for some beer. Czech guys like beer and that was reason why they asked for special (bigger) glasses for their jug. We talked about various topics, girls, the Czech Republic, their experience in New Zealand. When they left I had another nice conversation with Jason and Dolores. She was from Ireland and worked behind the bar in Chamois bar. However I was really tired and I decided to go back at my place.

Another night I went to Chamois bar with Sanna. She was leaving Mount Cook and we wanted to drink together some drink. However we were late and the bar was almost closed. The last chance was Sunday night. We went there and it was really nice. I met the Czech guys from Hermitage and there were quite a lot of people. We drank some beer and talked to each other. I stayed quite long time there. Menzi was leaving the village as well. He wanted to go to Wellington, Australia and Europe. He invited us for his last night here. I went there and it was interesting. A lot of people were there. It was the same evening I met Julia, a very nice girl from Christchurch who works like a guide. She was really interested in some Czech phrases and when we were walking back to our places she invited me to her house. I originally thought she wanted me to teach some new Czech words, but in the result we had a really nice conversation about Australia.

Last days in Mount Cook were quite quiet. :) Joe gave me some special farewell tasks; I started cleaning my place and was wondering about my next steps. The last working day was all right. We said good bye to Rebecca. When she drove us to our places it was probably the first moment we had a longer conversation together, because normally I did not talk that much. I wished all the best and at my place I took a shower, changed my clothes and went to Chamois bar for a while. I met there Charlie from Fiji, his wife, Mike from New Zealand and Steve from Germany. We had quite interesting conversation. We talked about Europe (Germany :) ) and Australia. Charlie said he often beats Joe. This is probably a Fijian kind of greetings.

My last day here I was packing my things, finishing cleaning my house and in the evening went to our restaurant for our last dinner here. I said good bye to my colleagues and in my head there are some ideas how to enjoy next few weeks here. See you soon.

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  1. Jenny says:

    If drinking coffee’s a sign of growing up, I’ll be young forever!

    I had no idea Anna was in Christchurch during the earthquake! But I’m so glad she’s okay. Next time you see her, say ‘hi’ from me!

    I’m glad you liked your time in Mt. Cook, but other cool things await you too!

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