Wanaka and Queenstown, meet Jessica and Karlie

After I left Mount Cook I promised myself to keep my blog up-to-date. Before I started travelling I could predict a lot of factors and write accurate summaries. However, everything is changed and things are going so fast. I am changing places faster than I could imagine, meet a lot of amazing people and really try to enjoy every moment here in New Zealand, because I know that my time is limited. So, in next few weeks you can expect more articles with a lot of photos included.

With Suzie we went to Wanaka. We arrived in that town together, but both of us had different ideas how to spend a great time there. She wanted to go to Mount Aspiring National Park. I wanted to explore the different parts of the town than before. We used the same bus company as before and everything was all right. We had a short stop in Cromwell where Suzie needed to go on toilets. In Wanaka the driver dropped us close to YHA and we went to take our keys to our rooms. In Mount Cook village we had already booked first two nights in Wanaka. The room we got was amazing, just space for four people; a very nice interior with a very old lock for the toilets. Suzie needed some new trousers and a new cellphone. We went shopping and we visited some shops where Suzie bought her a new pair of jeans. She wanted to continue with shopping, but I left her and returned back to our hostel.

That was probably one of my best decision I have ever made. When I returned back I started preparing some materials for a Skype conference with my friend and colleague from Prague. I was alone in my room when one of my roommates returned back to our room. Her name was Jessica, she was Chicago and I really enjoyed spending my time with her. When I was in Wellington I met an extraordinary girl from Michigan, Jenny. When I was in Tasman Lake she wrote me a short message and I was really happy. However, when I told Charlie and my other colleagues about Jenifer, they started joking about girls from the USA. In fact, I know that the USA is a big country. There are more people than (almost) everywhere else. I know that some of them are not nice. Jessica used to live close to Hollywood and met some “plastic people” she said. Fortunately I know, according to my experience, that some of people from the USA are very nice, it really depends on region from where those guys come from. With Jessica I had a really cool conversation. We talked about art (I said her I have no idea how to paint anything), music, movies and (surprisingly) about New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

I showed her some of my topics I like. We were talking about French New Wave as well as about Czech language and her plans. We were discussing about the differences between the USA and the rest of the world. However, not everyone was happy with our conversation. Suzie was in the same room and she hoped we can finish our discussion quite early and after a while she was quite angry with me, so we had to accomplish our topics next day. Because Jessica was leaving I took her photo for my blog. Although I have spent quite a short time with her, I was really happy to meet a person like she was.

Second day I was walking through the town. I visited The Puzzle World in Wanaka. I had quite fun with special illusions, but sometimes it was quite annoying in the labyrinth. There was necessary to walk within a maze, found four towers and the way back from the maze. I was quite successful, but the problem for me was to find the exit point. So I wasted my time with visiting exactly the same places in the maze. When I left the Puzzle World I was walking up to Mount Iron. It was not that difficult as for instance Red Tarns in Mount Cook village and I could enjoy some of the beautiful scenery quite soon. That day I also met Sanna because she lives in Wanaka and wants to stay there as long as possible. I invited her for some beer, she showed me a really cool place where you can taste and buy some local brands that are really good. In the afternoon I cooked some pizza for me and started wondering what to do next. In the evening the guys in YHA surprised me when they prepared Donnie Darko movie for the evening YHA premiere. I like that film. After that I started conversation with some of my friends from Germany and the Czech Republic. It looks like the next week I am going back to Wellington and travel the North Island with Martin. He has a car and we can share expenses. He proposed that idea and because I also would like to travel there, I agreed.

Next day in Wanaka we went shopping. Suzie needed a new cell phone and I was wondering how to send a bigger package to Europe with some books that I used here for study purposes. I met with Sanna again and I sent my package to Europe. It was about 10 kilos and I believe everything would be delivered without troubles. I had to change my room, because my booking was only for two nights and I wanted to extend. Unfortunately the room was full, so I decided to try to go to room 17. Exactly the same one I was staying a couple weeks ago, when I visited Wanaka for the first time. I opened the door and there were some people. I had very nice conversation with a couple from Denmark. They were very nice people with a very nice approach. I liked them. In the evening I visited Sanna again. We went to the cinema together. She said that the cinema in Wanaka is quite unique in the world. At the first moment I thought we had a similar one in the Czech Republic, but when the movie (Get Low) started I recognized I was wrong and that cinema was really quite specific.

When I returned back to my room, there was another girl. Her name was Karlie and I also really enjoyed my conversation with her. She was from Canada, from British Columbia and was travelling around. I gave her some tips and we discussed about our experience. Last day in Wanaka I said Suzie good bye. She went to West Coast and it was probably the last time I saw here in New Zealand. I rent a bike for a half of a day and was riding around the lake. It was pretty amazing. Some of those places I recognized from my recent visit, but during my cycling I had absolute freedom. I observed beautiful beaches and a very special lifestyle. Sometimes I had really nice moments when the chain from the bike fell down, but I fixed that and I could return back to YHA. My bus was going to leave in the afternoon and I had maybe one hour to go. I wanted to say good bye Wanaka with drinking their local beer. I went to the bar for a pint of dark one.

When I was drinking and eating some muffins, I recognized that a guy from Thailand, who I met in Mount Cook village for the first time, sat next to me with his family. Sante was a cool and easygoing guy. He invited me to Bangkok where he lives. He said in Thailand there are only three kinds of the weather – hot, damn hot and very hot. I returned back to YHA, said goodbye to Karlie and after that I was waiting for my connection to Queenstown. I was really happy I really enjoyed Wanaka and met some amazing people with a similar point of view. I am sure I never forget.

The trip to Queenstown was all right. We had one stop in Cromwell and one a couple kilometers behind Cromwell. There was a small market with fruit and vegetables. Everyone took a lot of fruit in bags. I bought one apple for 80 cents and ate outside. I didn’t hesitate and started to talk to the driver. He was from Queenstown. His friend was from Australia and when I said about the Czech Republic and Prague, he replied with Skoda Auto brand. He was a satisfied user of one older model that was made a long time ago – when Czech Republic and Slovakia was one country that was ruled by a communist government. I also tried some kiwi fruit and some other delicate sweets and it was really nice. The rest of the trip was without break, but it was all right, because it was really close. I saw some beautiful sceneries and I was wondering what I could do in Queenstown. Some people hate this city, some ones like and I had a lot of question in my mind. I had booked my accommodation for two nights. When I arrived, I left my luggage in my room and started to explore the famous Queenstown.

A lot of cities and places have a nickname. Queenstown also has some. You can hear people to talk about Queenstown like a capital of attraction or the best place with nightlife in New Zealand. In Rough Guide you can read that Queenstown is a victim of its popularity. The true is you can find a lot of attractions everywhere. Do you like bungee jumping or some adrenaline? Go to Queenstown and enjoy your time here. It seems that whole town was built for tourists. I can hardly imagine living here like a resident. The town is really nice; there are a lot of things to do, I explored a lot of parts here and I enjoyed my time here, but I am sure that in New Zealand and in the world are more suitable places for permanent living. However, it was my holiday and I tried to enjoy as much as possible. I was walking through the town, meeting some people and visiting some places. I liked the architecture here and a good experience is to smell some savors of various cousins. The atmosphere here is really special; however, if I can select between Queenstown and Wanaka, I like the second one more. In Queenstown, I had no wow effect, but I was not disappointment. In fact, I had a quite good time here.

I met Sante with his family from Thailand again and my last day here when I wanted to book some activities surprisingly I met Jason with his family in the same hostel. It was very nice, we took some photos together and finally I could say to him good bye, because when I left Mount Cook village, he was away. My roommates were all right. Some guys from Netherlands, Austria, Hong Kong, Ireland and Spain. Nightlife in Queenstown was really pretty cool. I have not visited pubs, but there were a lot of artists and musician in streets and the atmosphere was really cool. I used local buses here for some travelling. I like travelling without goals; just try to explore anything without strict goals seems like the best way. Because there was not possible to pay with credit cards on bus and I travelled without plans I had a lot of fun. I wanted to see a lake close to Arrowtown. I chose a bus and went there, but I was really surprise. There were a lot of nice houses and the driver wanted to drop us somewhere, in the middle of nowhere. I paid 5 dollars, but I was wondering how I could get back from there to Frankton. I said him it was not necessary to drop me off and I would like to go back now with him and it was for the first time I was really happy the driver agreed with my proposal, because he probably saw I was really worried. I went back to my hostel and booked my trip to Te Anau.

When you are reading this article, I have already been here and this place is absolutely fantastic, especially because I met an extraordinary girl from Sweden on board and I must say I have an amazing time here; but because this is a different story, see you next time. :)

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