Dunedin, Kaikoura, Wellington

My accommodation was all right as well as the first impressions of Dunedin. In my room there was a guy from Kuala Lumpur, Nicholas. We talked to each other a little bit. However, I was really tired so I went directly to bed. When I woke up I found some other guys in my room. There were two people, one from Germany and the second one from the USA. The both of them were really nice. My plan was to explore the city by walk without significant plans. My first goal was to find a supermarket. I was walking and enjoying a special atmosphere in the city. Some people stopped me and asked me some things about Dunedin. They thought I was a local guy. Dunedin is quite small city and there was no problem to find some shops. I bought my breakfast that I ate that back in my hostel. I went to my room and talked to the guy from the USA. He was an exchange student in Auckland. I decided to go up to the steepest street in the world. To get there was quite funny. I was walking without map, but I had not known Dunedin. I met some guys and asked them for some clues. It was really funny. I met a lady for instance and she gave me some advice. After that she disappeared and returned back again to recommend me some other cool places in Dunedin. I was really appreciated and I kept her advice in my mind.

In the Botanic Garden I talked to a couple who maintained trees over there. They were from Scotland and they had very good experience with Czech guys. We talked about Dunedin and I was really closed to Baldwin Street what was the name of the steepest street in the world. It looked quite steep and there was possible to get a certificate about successful walking. However, my next steps were really straightforward and I reached the top of the street quite soon. It was quite funny to observe cars and some other people, how they were exhausted. I was talking to a lady from Dunedin. For her and her family Baldwin Street is the most favourite place in Dunedin. I took some photos and went back to the city centre.

I decided to go back to my hostel, but during my walking I heard some Czech phrases. I stopped and tried to listen to a short conversation. I recognize those guys would be all right therefore when they stopped the conversation I started to talk to them. Martin was a doctor in Dunedin; he was from Prague and lives in Dunedin for a long time. Jana was from Krnov and Iveta from a small city from Slovakia. She was probably the first Slovak person I had met here. Jana invited me for a short trip up to Silvers Hills. I agreed and we had a really great afternoon. Jana said she had been living outside the Czech Republic for almost 15 years. I wanted to invite them for some coffee.

There was a cool place called Nova café. We spent there a couple hours and we had really great time. I ordered a piece of carrot cake and described them what I did once with this kind of cake in Mount Cook village. For us the Czech guys were that common to put some cream on the top of that cake, but I remembered how Fiona was angry about me. I recommended them some places and they told me about Dunedin and their New Zealand experience. I said the good bye and we left the building. There was another surprise for me. I saw The Fish Bowl video by Rebecca Hobbs on Nova café window. She probably likes that place as well. :) In the evening I had a great conversation with my roommate from Kuala Lumpur. He said I am a very friendly guy. After the dinner Josh surprised me and visited me at YHA hostel. It was really nice and he said I have a very good hearth. I described him me experience from Dunedin and he said if I spend here a couple more days I will be definitively a local guy. It was very cool to see him again and I am sure we stay in touch.

In my last day in Dunedin I was walking through the city. I met some people and booked the trip from Dunedin up to Kaikoura. Everything was all right, but small complications were Easter. People were everywhere and there was a problem to book anything. In the evening I went shopping and I met Hazel, my “Mount Cook village-mate”. It was surprise to meet her there, but on the other hand it was very nice. However, some people called Dunedin like the best place for the night-life and I perhaps found why. When I was close to the Octagon, I met a girl who said she loved my face. Ouu. :) When I entered to Countdown supermarket I found I forgot my credit card at my hostel. It was a long way to come back, but no surprise a lot of things happened. On my way back to Countdown I met a four-girl group. All of them were really hot and a little bit drunk. One of them started talking to me. She said she thinks her sister fell in love with me. We had quite funny conversation. All of them were really friendly. I think if I stay in Dunedin a couple more days, I will probably settle down there. :)

However, it was not all. I met the girl who loved my face again. Fortunately I was close to the Supermarket. I met a couple there. They said me they had an argument about something. It was really good to know. :) When I finished shopping I met some (probably) Maori and New Zealand guys. They tried to guess the name of my domestic country. They guessed me South America, Asia, Germany. :) I was satisfied that I was back to my hostel quite soon. I checked some things on the Internet and went to bed because of the Checkout in next morning. I woke up quite early and went directly to the bus to Christchurch. I started to talk to a guy from Auckland and I missed my bus. There was another one. After a while I decided to travel with him. It was completely full, but I hopped on. We had a quick stop because some people wanted to travel as well. I know I am sometimes quite a lucky guy and on the same bus station there was also my original bus. I changed them and I sat next to a girl (no space left :) ). She was originally from the Netherlands, but she grew up in New Zealand. It was really nice to talk to her.

We had some stops between Dunedin and Christchurch. The significant one was in Timaru. When I was in Mount Cook village, for me it was such a dream to get there, but in fact, it was such a bigger town, nothing special. Another surprise for me was I found the key from YHA Dunedin in my pocket. I forgot to return that one. :) The trip was really long, but we arrived in Christchurch on time. Some people left the bus at the airport. The rest went to the city. However, the city centre was closed. There were some soldiers and they kept the entrance. Actually, the city centre was seriously damaged by earthquake and it was possible to recognize that Christchurch has very bad times. The rest of the city looked quite all right. I took some photos around the bus station, but I did not want to be a rude, so I waited for another bus and packed my camera back to my luggage. I met two guys from Germany there. The both of them live close to Hannover. It is really cool to meet guys from Germany, because all the time it is a very interesting experience.

My bus was there on the time and I was really excited to go to Kaikoura. However, I arrived in quite late. As a bonus the driver dropped me in the town centre and I had a very long walk with my luggage. During my walking I met a guy. He asked me about my trip and I replied him I am on the way to Wellington. He replied it is a horrible place with horrible people and he was pretty sure about that. One thing is to be proud of his domestic place and the second one to respect everyone’s different needs. That is not only problem of Wellington. In New Zealand you can find a lot of people who hate for example Australia or some other cities in New Zealand and in fact, I don’t like this way of conversation because I think those people are quite arrogant with very limited minds. Maybe those guys would try to live in different part of the world in order to recognize what the term horrible people mean. In compare some other countries New Zealanders and Australians are like angels and therefore I am very sad when I am a witness of that way of conversation.

When I found my accommodation I was really happy. The biggest surprise was in the same room was a girl from England I met in Wanaka and like a bonus in that YHA I met another girl from the Netherlands I also met in Wanaka before. They didn’t travel together, but it was such a coincidence. I sent an e-mail to YHA Dunedin and apologized for the key I did not return and promised to send that key by post. They were really appreciated. Our hostel was really small, but I was happy I could take a rest, because I had some big plans for another day. My goal was to walk around Kaikoura. I left the YHA hostel quite soon and I was walking around the coastline. I saw some wild sea animals and had some great walks. The whole place was really beautiful. I met a really cool girl from Germany. Her name was Sinja and she lived close to Frankfurt am Main and was going to try to hitchhike. I had a really great conversation and I hope she found someone who took her to Blenheim. I ordered some coffee and muffins in the nearest restaurant. However, I was really tired, so I went back to my hostel where I took a break. I booked the bus and ferry back to Wellington and I prepared everything for my next steps.

During my last day in Kaikoura the driver stopped me close to the YHA. It was very nice, because I was not necessary to walk a long way. However, we had a quick stop in the centre of the town. Our bus was absolutely full; there were a lot of guys from the New Zealand Air Field. The driver was joking about them. I was really happy that my English is definitively better than before. The driver gave us some instruction and we had some delay, so it was really useful to understand well. In Picton I checked-in in a ferry terminal. I tried to use Interslander company and it was a completely different experience for me. It looked like a luxury company with full service on the board. However, it was raining and I spent almost all my time writing this article.

When you read this article, I am back to Wellington and try to enjoy some of my last week. I hired a special shuttle bus from the Interislander ferry terminal. The driver was a little bit crazy. There was possible to take a bus a taxi, but can you experience karaoke there? :) Together with me wanted a drive Isabelle and the second girl from the Netherlands I met in Wanaka and Kaikoura. In YHA I met a cool girl from Canada, Ashley. She was in Wellington for a while. She lent me a pen, I did a guide for her. Both of us really enjoyed walking around that city. I remembered some amazing moments from past. When we returned back to YHA, we were quite wet. We met Ashley’s roommate from South Korea, Kyoungmi. She was really nice and cute and together we sat down in the kitchen for a while. We had an extraordinary conversation. When I was in Mount Cook village, I watched Yes Man movie with Jim Carrey. I remembered some Korean phrases and I demonstrated everything. I played also some samples of that film as well as short example of Flight of the Concords. We really enjoyed that and a lot of fun included. I wanted to pack my things in the kitchen and I met two girls, tennis players, there. They asked me where I am from. I said Europe, the Czech Republic and that replied that is really cute. :) I will probably see them again. I am sure if I move to New Zealand for a long time, the best place for me is Wellington.

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  1. Ewelina says:

    Remeber.. there isn`t such thing as coincidence.. Everything has got a purpose :)

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